Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter # 15 (December 30, 2013)

So a few big things happened this week. 

One is Christmas. I got a bike odometer! Which I am SUPER excited about except that I won't really be using in Pasadena... But anyway, I had a breakfast at one member's house, dinner one at another, dinner two at another, and in between breakfast and dinners we Skyped! Which was really cool and really bizarre at the same time.

Two is Facebook. Some of the leadership have been using Facebook for proselyting for the last month or so, but they just opened it up to the rest of us this week! Which is also really cool and really bizarre. But we're finding some kinks that still need to be worked through, so I probably won't be posting anything at this point until Thursday or later (because we will probably have our third zone meeting in a row to talk about it).

Three is that I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Rose Parade! The Rose Parade happens in my area, so we were able to sign up to help decorate one of the floats. So if anyone watches it, look out for the float with pagodas and Pegasus on it! I helped paint and put poppy seeds on the black part of the pagodas that you can't even see and I also helped glue some sort of yellowy crushed something-or-other on the roofs of the pagodas. So look for those.

I'll probably go and contact at the Parade on Wednesday. Some members of our ward are camping out New Year's Eve to reserve some good spots, so we'll probably go wherever they are.

So yeah. That's pretty much everything for this week that I can think of.

I love you all! Don't forget to write me! I want to know everything that's going on in your lives! 

Happy New Year!

~Sister Kretchman

and my one pair of jeans pants after working on the float (you should have seen me while we were working though. I had petals in my hair, glue on my shirt, and glue, flowers, and paint all over my hands. It was pretty intense)

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