Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letter #43 (July 14, 2014)

I bet that caught your attention. I always think that I have gotten over how crazy the people in California are. I haven't. We were biking to our ward mission leader's house yesterday when all of a sudden I hear a motor behind me. I move to the side to let whatever it is pass me. And then I do a double take. I kid you not, riding past me is a regular bicycle with a motor attached to it, with a giant dog cage with a huge dog inside trailing behind it. The biker goes past me and I just look back at Sister Fjeldsted who has a very bewildered expression on her face, which confirmed that I really did just see what I thought that I saw. You probably don't believe me. But it happened. I absolutely promise.

California makes no sense. His is just one example of how insane this place is. It's great.

But anyway.

This week started out kind of rough for a few different reasons, but it ended really well! We taught Jennie Supawong again and I just love her so much, she is so sincere and so sweet. And she's really funny. It always catches me off guard because most of the Asian adults that vie met here tend to be more serious, but she's hilarious when she wants to be. And yet she totally respects us and is completely genuine during our lessons. She's wonderful, I'm really excited about her.

Something else bizarre that happened this week is this referral we got. We have gotten about 6 headquarter referrals (either people who order things from pass along cards or who someone else refers to us through Mormon.org) and all of them have been fake addresses. Some of them had real phone numbers though, so we are working on setting up appointments with those people. But anyway, we for one this week for a Chelsea Owens. We looked for the address and it didn't exist. BUT. It brought us to a Chelsea St. Clever. And then when we called the number, no one answered and the answering machine was for an episcopalian church! So we just deleted that referral. Frustrating, but I must admit, it kind of made me laugh at he same time.

So then this weekend was so good. Saturday was a momentous occasion. Saturday was the first time ever on my mission where every single person we tried by was not only home, but answered and talked to us. It was SO GREAT! We didn't get to teach all of them, one of men was just about to leave, but the fact that we got to talk to all of them was huge. 

And then yesterday was way good. Although it started off with an asthma attack. So get this, Huntington ward has recruited us to be in the ward choir (which is a service to everyone, trust me). So we went to choir practice yesterday and the song that they are singing ends on a high B. It had been a while since I've sung anything at high, but I hit it. I also gave myself an asthma attack by singing that high. Yeesh. That was not okay because Sister Fjeldsted and I were asked to sing a duet this Sunday, so I kind of needed my lungs as they are slightly necessary for singing. I was very blessed tho and ye asthma attack went away before we had to sing. We sang Because I Have Been Given Much. It was really pretty, mostly because our accompanists is a piano genius and just made up the arrangement for us, based on our voice types. Handy. It went really well AND two almost investigators cam to church to watch us sing! They're the ones whose house we painted a couple of weeks ago. We have an appointment with the wife at least this week, we haven't actually manage do teach them yet, but they came to sacrament meeting! So exciting.

One more thing that was neat about this week: we met our new mission president and family. They went from zone to zone and had a "Meet the President" thing where the family introduced themselves to us and told us a little bit about themselves. It's so crazy because of he whole family, President Villanueva's English is the worst! It's kind of funny. They seem like such a fun family though, I love them already. It's crazy, apparently they were told that they would be called to a Spanish speaking mission, so they figured get would stay in South/Central America. So boy were they surprised when they got called to California! About half of remission is Spanish speaking, but there is also English, Chinese, Korean, and Armenian. And most of the Chinese missionaries are actually from China and so English is t there first language, and it's not President's first language either. So I'm sure communication between them will be interesting for sure.

Anyway, that's about it. I love you all! Invite your friends to learn about the gospel! It will help them no matter where they are in life. Do it!

~Sister Kretchman

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