Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letter #45 (July 28, 2014)

Okay, let me see if I can cover the last couple of weeks without this
email being the longest thing that you've ever seen.

So last week we had plumbers in our apartment on and off throughout
the week. We found a notice on our door that said that the whole
apartment complex was going to be repiped, so we had to move
everything out of the bathroom and away from adjacent walls and away
from the kitchen sink. So basically everything was on our table or in
our room. So the plunger was in the middle of our bedroom all week.
Gorgeous I know. We never knew when they'd be there though, so all
week we had lunch with members so that we wouldn't have to go home
where we would have no access to the fridge or microwave or anything
really and we would have to work our plumbers. So this week was pretty

Luckily, this ward is has the sweetest people in the world in it, so
it wasn't hard to mooch meals and stuff. I seriously LOVE this ward.
We can call people at the last monte for anything if we need to and
they will be more than happy to do it. The sister that drove us to e
grocery store paid for our groceries too and pretty much even Monday,
whoever takes us to the store also takes us out to eat. I just love it
here. Oh! And last Monday Sister Fjeldsted and I made homemade bread
with a 93 year old! She's the classiest, funniest old lady ever. She
makes the sacrament bread EVERY weekend! I'll send pictures later
(hopefully next week) when I can get to a computer.

The past couple of weeks we have been doing a lot of less active work.
We have about four families that we are working with. In one family,
the mom is a member but the kids are not. They're the ones that I
wrote habit a few weeks ago that we're having some serious family
problems. And while it still makes me really sad that the parents are
separated now, it is seriously so much better. The dad was kind of a
tyrant and kind of a crazy person, so now without him, we are really
being able to make some progress with them. We've seen them a lot in
the past few weeks and are starting to do FHE with them tonight. I
really think that we're going to be able to help them get back on
track and I am just so excited for them! It was funny, we were helping
the mom pack some stuff in her car to take to their new apartment, and
she handed us a wine opening kit... Which we conveniently put back
later. She also put us in charge of grabbing some food from the
cupboards and I conveniently did not grab any coffee or tea. I felt
like the elder from "Best Two Years" when he was at the grocery store.
She may have grabbed at stuff since then, but at least we didn't help.
We'll work on that.

Some other exciting it's from the week:

I help dinosaur poop!
And a bomb!
And my bike exploded! (Not from the bomb though)
And I got attacked by a dog!
And we taught a lady that agreed with everything we said, but then all
of a sudden changed her mind and started throwing out anti stuff.

So the poop and bomb were at one of the less active's houses. He was a
geology teacher and has all sorts of rocks and what not (which he told
us about in detail) he also handed us what is supposedly fossilized
Dino poo and a rock called a bomb (which is a term for a lava that
shoots out and hardens on it's way down into a rock, or something to
that effect.)

So I haven't got a flat tire my entire mission. So apparently times
all building up towards the moment when my tube would just explode.
Which is what happened. We got out of a lesson with our Thai
investigator Jennie, we start biking, and then all of a sudden it's
getting kind of harder to pedal and I hear something flapping. I yell
to Sister Fjeldsted to wait for me, she looks back and goes "WHAT THE
HECK?!?!" Pictures to come. We were quote impressed with my bike.
Neither of us have ever seen anything like what happened and the
member that helped us fix it hadn't either. Basically the tube didn't
just get a hole, it burst, came out of tire (but the tire somehow
stayed on the rim) and hen proceeded to wrap itself into my gears.
Yup. When bad things happen. Me, it's go big or go home. Every time.
Hahaha. Really though, we were able to grab a new tube from the
Pasadena sisters (who live in our area, very close to our member's
home AND Jennie's home) and then our member got it all fixed up for
me. The whole ordeal took probably less than an hour. I was really
blessed at I didn't get thrown off my bike and hat we were so close to
people that could help us.

So it sounds as though the last little bit didn't send after the
picture of my bike, I didn't say a whole lot more, I just explained
about the dog and the lady we taught.

The dog was an adorable puppy named Mashi. He was just overly excited
to see us and was playing around a bit harshly, so I ended up with lit
scratches all over my arms, complete with blood (he's losing his
teeth, so it was his blood, not mine) it looked really intense, but is
didn't manage to get a picture.

And he lady we taught was just super frustrating. During the hole
lesson she agreed with everything that we said, and then all of a
sudden she didn't anymore and wasn't making any sense and wouldn't
listen to anything we said. It's just so frustrating when you can tell
that someone knows that what we are saying is true, but they just want
to believe what they want to believe, whether it's true or not,
because it's easier. People just don't realize that their lives will
be SO much better off if they follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's
not easy, and there are. Lot of rules to follow, but don't you think
that if Heavenly Father set those rules, then they're probably worth
following? Yeesh. It's just frustrating.

Anyway, I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

~Sister Kretchman

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