Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letter #54 (October 6, 2014)

So I picked up my trainee on Tuesday! Her name is Sister Baker and she
is wonderful. She is so sweet and practically pre-trained. She's not
afraid of pretty much anything and she is already willing to jump in
when we're teaching. She is from Ogden, UT and went to Weber state for
a semester as a vocal performance major. So the few members that she
had met so far are looking forward to some duets. She has only met
members that have given us rides or fed us dinner since we didn't have
normal church this Sunday.

Speaking of which... CONFERENCE. I LOVE conference! I had a sad
thought though. This is my last General Conference as a missionary.
It's funny, Sister Baker came out almost exactly a year after I did.
She went into the MTC on September 17. Which is the day, a year ago,
that I came into the field. Crazy, no? So I had conference my first
transfer, and so does she. It's so bizarre because I can remember
being where she is now. Weird.

I loved Elder Holland's talk and how he talked about doing what you
can. That is something that I have a hard time with. I always feel
like I'm not doing a very good job, but Heavenly Father just asks us
to do what we can. Perfection comes later.

We watched each session of conference somewhere different. We watched
the first session with an active family in the ward (who also fed us
breakfast! Yum.) we watched the second with a sweet less active lady
in the ward. We were going to watch the third session with our ward
mission leader's family, but unfortunately Sister Baker brought a
nasty cold with her from the MTC, which I started to catch on Saturday
and had in full force on Saturday. So Sister Bell drive us to the
stake center instead so that we wouldn't get anyone in her family
sick. For the last session, we were going to go to a different less
active's house, but we had to cancel with them because I didn't want
to put her frail mom at risk of catching what I had. (Plus, Sister
Bell picked us up from the stake center after the first session and
then told me "okay, you are going to go home. You are going to cancel
your afternoon appt and you are going to sleep".... yes mom...) We
still bikes to our 7:30 teaching appt though. I thought that I was
going to die, by we made it okay. We had the bishop and his wife come
pick us and our bikes up afterward though to take us home and Sister
Christensen basically gave the mom act again "now then, you will get
to bed early, and sleep all day tomorrow and the next day. Are we
clear?" Yes. Except that we have to do our grocery shopping and
laundry and we need to go to the library so that my trainee, who
doesn't have an iPad, can email her family who is probably dying to
hear from her. So I haven't really been able to sleep much today. We
might take it easy tonight though and have me go to bed early. We'll
see. I hate being sick. Especially as a missionary.

Anyway, we also had another lesson with Dennis. He was the seemingly
golden referral that will either be a great member or a nasty anti
someday. The lesson went about as well as it could have. We held our
own quite well, but the thing is that it's not just about defending
our faith. The Spirit is what teaches, and when the whole lesson is a
crazy Q&A, the Spirit isn't really there, despite our best efforts to
testify with the Spirit at every possible opportunity. We'll see what
happens I suppose. We just keep hoping and praying for the best and
we'll have to see where reading the Book of Mormon takes him.

I love you all so much! What was your favorite conference talk and why?

~Sister Kretchman

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