Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letter #53 (September 29, 2014)

So here is what Siri said the high for Saturday was. It actually ended
up being about 108. Siri has been lying all over the place

So right now I am sitting at a McDonald's with the Pasadena sisters.
Do you want to know why? Because we dropped Sister Fjeldsted off at
the mission office this morning. She's done with her mission! So she's
gone. But that's not the reason I'm companionless. The reason for that
is because........ I'm training! I'm excited, and SUPER duper nervous.
And it's hard because Sister Fjeldsted is seriously one of my best
friends now. I am SO sad to see her go, but everyone has to go home
someday I guess. (Although, I still say that she should just stay six
more months like an elder and go home when I do in March... Haha). We
just get along so well and have so much in common and are almost
always thinking the same thing. We work SO well together. Everyone in
the ward keeps saying it too. They always say that it's so nice to
have missionaries that are so obviously close to each other and get
along so well. People have even called us "the Dynamic Duo." It's just
sad. But. It will be good. It's time for me to learn some more. And
I'll definitely learn A LOT training. I am so nervous though! What if
she hates me? What if I'm a terrible trainer? Gahhhhh. But I know that
it will be so good and that she won't hate me and that it will all
work out. And I'm excited to learn and grow some more. There is always
lots of room for learning and improvement.

But yeah. Since I'm training, I don't get my new companion until
tomorrow evening, so I'm companionless for a couple of days. The area
cell phone right now says <<Kretchman/TBA>> instead of
<<Kretchman/Fjeldsted>>. I'm excited to train though because it means
that God thinks that I'm ready to do so.

So anyway, this past week has been crazy with all of the preparations
for Sister Fjeldsted leaving and me getting a brand new missionary.
Lots of packing and cleaning and organizing. And then there's all of
the members that wanted to do stuff with us before she left. I've
never been in a ward where we had people lining up to help us and feed
us and stuff. I love this ward so much. I've been so spoiled here.

As always, a lot has happened this week. Something crazy was that we
taught that referral that I talked about last time. The one that we
had given up on contacting, so we left a card on his door, and then he
actually called us. So we were really excited about this lesson. We
get there and he has water bottles for each of us and we start
teaching and he just seems so golden. Until he whips out his little
Christian comparative chart that puts us in a totally bad light. He
has a lot of gospel and historical knowledge, which is great, but it
has made him very prideful, so we do know that the Spirit will be able
to penetrate his wall of self righteousness. We are hoping for the
best and Prato for his heart to be softened, but we'll see. We're
teaching him again in Saturday. I feel kind of bad throwing my trainee
into this, but pretty much everyone we teach is a weird situation, so
there's not really much that I can do.

But whatever happens will be up to his agency. He'll either make a
great member, or end up very anti. I'm just praying for him a lot. We
are teaching him about the Book of Mormon next, which I think could be
a make or break, we'll see. He is definitely interested in learning
more about the church on a knowledge basis, so that's a start at

I love you all so much! Wish me luck with training! It will be great
I'm sure. Write me!

~Sister Kretchman

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