Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter #22 (February 17, 2014)

We'll hello there! As you can probably tell from the subject line,
this is being sent from my new iPad mini! Crazy huh? I don't really
like doing email like this though because... The iPad doesn't seek to
have my contact groups, so I have to actually put people in here
individually. And I only have the emails of people who emailed me
since I got this on Friday. So I'll have to get that figured out.

I also don't like typing on this very much, although I've had some fun
autocorrects already! But please be aware that any typos/random words
are due to using a touch screen.

But anyway. The iPad is actually pretty nice in a lot of ways. It's
funny though because we're a pilot program (just like for Fb and not
having cars) so this is the .7 model or something like that. Not even
1.0 yet. As such, there are a bunch of glitches still. It's pretty
interesting. It's nice having pretty much all of our info all in one
little device though. I'm still getting kind of bittersweet feelings
about not carrying around physical scriptures though. I love my paper
scriptures, but they are really heavy. Especially considering that we
are walking most of the time and can't use a backpack. So it's nice
that my bag is so much lighter! And I love that I can have Mormon
messages with me all the time. Handy!

Anyway, this week has been so crazy! Sister Lee fell wiped out on her
bike on Wednesday and scraped her leg up really badly. Then I wiped
out on the way back to our pad. I'm fine though, I just have some
little scratches on my legs and a bruise. Not even photo worthy. We
took picture of hers though as soon as we got home. It's pretty gnarly

I also broke the garbage disposal yesterday morning. But not until
after cleaning up spilled milkshake from all over the kitchen. I was
putting dishes away out of our drying rack to make room for the dishes
that I was about to wash when I knocked over some cutting boards that
were propped up behind the rack. They turned the garbage disposal on,
which has a couple of spoons in it. I quickly turned it off, took the
spoons out (threw them away) and tried the disposal again. First it
made funny noises and water started gushing out if the side down into
the drain, then it just stopped all together. Yikes. I left a message
not the housing sister's phone this morning. I'm slightly terrified
for the return call.

Then this morning the blinds in front of our sliding door broke.

Hopefully this means that we'll find a new investigator this week!

Speaking of which! A former investigator randomly texted us on
Thursday, asking if we can meet! So we did. She seems pretty cool, but
we're not sure how really committed she will be yet. Hoping for the
best! Then, we sort of picked up a new investigator at church
yesterday! There's a young man in the ward who is awesome at inviting
friends to church. He just baptized his best friend before Christmas.
Well, he's been bringing another friend to church, and he said that
he'd take the lessons from us! So we're working on setting something
up. We'll teach him at that young man's house most likely.

So it's been a really exciting week! In both good and bad ways, but
I'm just really excited for the good!

Anyway, that's all for now! I'm going to see if Brillante can get on
here to send this to the rest of my mission list!

I love and miss you all!

~Sister Kretchman

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