Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter #28 (March 31, 2014)

So this week I made up an object lesson. No big deal. (I was pretty dang excited about it).

So it was about the importance of going to church. We sliced some slits into the bottom of a water bottle that represented our investigator/his less active mom. Then we had a big cup that represents going to church and a smaller cup that represents weekly spiritual things like seminary, daily prayer and scripture study, RS activities, etc. So Sister Child drew the two of them on the bottle and then drew some pictures on the two cups. Let's just say she's not quite an artist. Granted, if it had been me doing the drawing, it would have been even worse, but still. She draws Brad's (our 14-year-old investigator) body first, which looked decent. And then she drew the head. A teeny peanut head. And then she drew the hair, which ended up looking like a 'fro. I laughed SO hard. What made it even better is that before the lesson, Brad started talking about how his hair would look like an afro when it got windy when his hair was longer. I basically started dying at that point. Which made him really confused and really curious about the lesson. It was pretty great.

So anyway, this is how the object lesson worked:

When you go to church, you are filled with the Spirit (we pour the "church" cup into the water bottle). But throughout the week, the Spirit drains out because life is crazy and we have school and work and rude people and whatnot. (The water drains out of the slits in the bottom of the bottle). Throughout the week, we do lots of wonderful, spiritual things, but they don't fill us up completely (we pour in the "other" cup). We need to go back to church the next Sunday to get filled up again.

It seemed to go alright. Anyway, I just thought that it was cool that I made up an object lesson. Pictures to come (which are probably much more exciting to me than to you, but oh well).

Anyway, on a less-than-cool note, Adriana seems to be stuck right now. Her husband James is still intending (and super excited!) to be baptized on April 26th, but Adriana is not intending to at the moment. We're not quite sure how to help her because she can't seem to put into words what is holding her back. We think that a lot of it has to do with anxiety about coming to church/being baptized because the only time she leaves her apartment is to go to doctor's appointments. We also think that while she believes that it's all true, she hasn't gotten a concrete witness from the Spirit yet, which is causing problems. We'll see what happens. 

We were also really frustrated because we were expecting three investigators to come to church yesterday and only one came. I just don't know what to do with the other two. We really thought that we might have gotten to them finally, but I guess not.

Anyway. A REALLY cool thing happened on Saturday. We have been trying to find a baptism to bring James to. But there seriously aren't any coming up in our zone. James' baptism is the next one coming up. But he got to see one this weekend.

So get this:

We usually teach James at two on Saturdays and the stake usually has their 8-year-old baptisms at four on Saturdays once a month. Well. This week we changed James' appointment to three so that a particular member couple could come with us. And the stake just so happened to change the baptism to three because of the women's conference. So we get to the church, and what is happening? A baptism. It was so perfect! We watch the baptisms and then snuck out and taught James the Plan of Salvation. It made him even more excited! He seriously is the sweetest little old man ever. So cute. But really, it is so amazing how Heavenly Father is really looking out for all of his children. He made things work out just right so that James could see a baptism. Amazing.

A couple of other cool/fun things:

1. I finally felt an earthquake! It was so crazy/slightly scary/really cool! It wasn't big enough to be terrifying or anything.

2. We ate at the Tonks' house a couple of weeks ago. SO cool. They named their dog Lupin and their chameleon Nymphadora (how appropriate). We're basically best  friends now. Not really, but they are a pretty dang awesome couple in my book. I wish my last name was Tonks!

3. (So more than a couple) I LOVED the women's conference on Saturday AND we had an investigator there! The Spirit was SO strong. I loved the music, I loved the talks, and President Eyring? I'll tell you what! SO GOOD. Oh man. The whole thing was just incredible. I am SO excited for conference!

Speaking of which, I want everyone to do something for me. Everyone get out a scrap of paper and write down what you would ask God if He were sitting down across from you. Just you and Heavenly Father in the room. You can ask Him anything. How to be a better friend/mother/daughter/father/son/employee/student/missionary/etc. How to overcome _________ struggle. Anything. 

I know that as you really pay attention during conference, and as you pray this week to receive the answers to your questions, that one or more of the speakers will say something that will answer your questions. All of them. As you listen with the Spirit, you can and will receive personal revelation as you watch conference. 

I love you all SO much!

~Sister Kretchman

Here's a picture of Brad with mini-Brad with an afro.

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