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Letter #38 (June 9, 2014)

So this week was pretty dang crazy. As some of your might have seen, I'm not in Glendora anymore. I'll get to that though, let me start with the beginning of the week.

It started with exploding lumpia. For those of you who don't know what lumpia, it is super delicious Filipino style egg rolls. I don't like Chinese egg rolls, they taste like feet. But lumpia? SO GOOD. We would eat it every so often at home and I love it so much! So we were shopping last Monday and I randomly got a huge craving for lumpia. So I bought some. I've never fried anything before though, and neither had Sister Child. So I put oil in he pan and start heating it up, just like the instructions say. Then Sister Child goes to put the first one in and the oil just explodes! It went EVERYWHERE! Luckily it didn't hit either of is too badly, but it got all over our just-cleaned kitchen. So we turn down the heat and try again, it continues t explode, so Sister Child is holding up a dish towel like she is bullfighting and carefully puts them in the pan. They turned out great, but it was quite the process. Lots of screaming involved. I tried to get some of it on video, but I only got the iPad in time for the last one. Which didn't explode (the explosions got smaller and smaller every time). I'll send some pictures later though if I get a chance to get on a computer.

But anyway, the rest of the week:

So Monday through Wednesday evening, we got 5 new investigators. Five!!! That doesn't happen out here. We picked up a family that just moved into the ward (the mom is less active but her kids are not members). The missionaries from their last area sent their information to us and they're awesome! There are three boys that are old enough, and want to be, baptized. So that was awesome. Then we weren't FINALLY able to meet with that referral from the inactive member, so she was a new investigator. And we started teaching a potential investigator from 2010 who actually still lives there! (Also very rare). So basically the week was going pretty fantastic. But then we got a call during dinner. We went out to dinner with a member and I heard the phone go off in my bag. I looked at it while the member was getting our food and saw that I had a missed call, a voicemail, and a text from the same unknown number. The voicemail and the text both said to call back ASAP. So I figured that it was a nurse call for Sister Child that they just called wrong phone for. So I have typhoons to her. (That was supposed to say, so I handed it to her, silly iPad.) so she called the number back. The restaurant was loud though, so we went out into the parking lot. Then I hear "can you both hear me?" Um what? Both!? Uh-oh.

"Sister Kretchman, there is something hat we need your help with. We need to emergency transfer you to Huntington with Sister Fjeldsted, and Sister _______ will be in Glendora 2 with Sister Child. You didn't do anything wrong." What?!?!?! I was supposed to have four and a half more weeks there! That was supposed to be my first area that I was in for more than two transfers! And then Sister Child: "You're supposed to sing with Sister Murphy this Sunday!" So I got permission to go back on Sunday to sing, because our duet already got rescheduled once because Sister Murphy had something come up. 

So we went back to the restaurant and told our member the news and had to cancel our last appointment (with active members, not an investigator, so not quite so bad) so that I could pack to leave at about 8:30 that same night.

Luckily, I absolutely love Siser Fjeldsted (fell-sted). I haven't been her comp before, but I've been on exchanges with her and she's great. So that was a huge blessing, but it was hard to just up and leave so many people that I love and so many great new investigators! But I actually handled it really well.

So now I'm in the Huntington ward and we're white washing, which means that both of us are brand new to the area. Huntington hasn't had sisters for over 15 years. So they took out the elders (my iPad said losers! Not what I meant!) and put Sister Fjeldsted and the Sister that I switched with here instead. But there were problems with the other sister, so that's why they ETed me.

I'm really grateful actually though. I've been praying really hard lately for Heavenly Father to help me to become a better missionary, and the best way for that to happen is to be put in a tough situation. Like starting from scratch because you have to leave he area you love for example. I am so excited to learn! We really just have to totally rely on faith because we literally have nothing else. Neither of us know the area, the ward members, anything. So we have to rely on each other and we really have to rely on the Lord to help us to find people to teach. This all means that we're going to see crazy miracles. Heavenly Father blesses you so much when He knows that you are going to have a really hard time. 

I've already been able to see huge blessings. We've been able to teach one lesson every day so far. Which, considering, is really good. And the ward is really enthusiastic because we're a novelty. They haven't had sisters in YEARS. So everyone loves us already. Saying bye to everyone on Sunday when I went back to sing was hard, but everyone was so sweet when I went back to Huntington. The Relief Society sisters were so funny. One of the, introduced us to the Relief Society, and then she said, and the sisters will need the help of the ward because they are on bikes. Those ladies gasped like she had just said that the other sister had died or something. It was SO funny! They were quite appalled. It was great. I love biking, so I'm not too concerned, but they were horrified! I was only here for the end of Sunday school and then Relief Society, but I can already tell that this is a quirky ward. It's really small and just, quirky. I don't know. I think that it's going to be a lot of fun though.

Something else about my new place is that out apartment has been an elder apartment for the past 16ish years. So it's pretty intense. It's slightly nasty and we keep finis new surprising things everyday. It's so fun! And gross at times, but that's okay, we are basically just going to use out p-day today to deep clean the place. We'll take pictures of the fun stuff we find for you, don't you worry. We've already noticed lots of stuff written in Chinese (from when Chinese elders lived here), Looney Tunes pictures on the walls, a plate with a hand painted creepy Santa-like who-knows-what, a hand molded head that looks like a lemon, some toy tanks, and a mustache cup. Oh! And there are two random rooster decals on two of the tiles on the kitchen wall. They're hiding behind the toaster and the drying rack. 

And their are LOTS of elder crumbs. Which is what we call the random gunk all over the floor that gets stuck to our feet. So yeah. DEEP cleaning today. I might get to send you some fun elder stuff later. 

Oh, and something else that I've decided this week is that breezes are God's way of saying I love you to biking missionaries.

So sorry for he novel. I started to write this at the laundromat and didn't finish until right now, back at our apartment (we have wifi here!!!) I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

~Sister Kretchman
Emailing while doing laundry. First place without washer/dryer in apartment:

New companion

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