Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Letter #39 (June 16, 2014)

So last week I told you that we were going to deep clean our apartment. Well. That ended up taking about 7 HOURS. Yup. Because partway rough we found out that we were going to have a cleaning check the next morning. So we just hauled out. There was SO much stuff from past elders and lots and lots of elder crumbs. We definitely had our work cut out for us, but we worked hard and came out on top. I'll try to send some pictures of the stuff that we found. It was pretty fun actually, but we were so dead tired by the end of it all. It was ridiculous.

The rest of the week was so good! We started teaching a man named James that the sisters met on the street before I got here. We also started teaching  two less active part member families this week and I just love the, so much already. It's so crazy how quickly you love people as a missionary. I really hope that that will stick with me after my mission too. 

So I'm going to tell you a little bit about the missionary life. It's my favorite, but there are definitely ups and downs. This week I:

-Went on a wild goose chase trying to find some referrals that were all fakes
-Reached 100 miles on my bike odometer (keep in mind that I only started using it about two weeks ago and we hardly biked in Glendora)
-Overhauled our apartment
-Talked to a Chinese handyman via a lady on his phone while he looked at our cracked toilet
-Tried to pet a drunk squirrel
-Tried to catch a bird in the laundromat
-Listened to the Beach Boys during weekly planning (not on purpose I promise, I'll explain after)
-Dominated a hula hooping competition with Sister Fjeldsted
-Got creeped on by our drunken upstairs neighbor who wants to kiss me someday
-Almost hit a bus (You read that right)
-Fell off of my bike about 12 times a day (I caught myself every time but once. One time was very impressive actually, I could tell that I wasn't going to make it part this pole, so I just stuck my hand out and grabbed the pole so that I didn't fall with my bike. I thoroughly impressed the lady at that bus stop)
-Sat down in some lady's front yard and shared a video with her and her adorable granddaughter
-Sat down on the curb and showed some man and his daughters the same video
-Sat down on a wall and showed a sweet girl a different video (all three of those were the same day)
-Gave a talk in church about conversion
-Tried to do some service for an old man in the ward who "just didn't feel right" about having sisters haul packs of water bottles for him (he was very sweet, but I'm much stronger than I look. Promise)
-Got pooped on by a bird
-Saved a wasp's life
-Found a styrofoam cup in the washing machine at the laundromat
-Killed some cockroaches in our apartment
-Talked to a man through his car window
-Watched a high school couple make out and then pop each other's zits
-Had a sing along in the back of someone's car while they drove us home
-Got sunburned again (I'm doing better as using sunscreen Mom, don't you worry)
-Almost got run over by the elders that live in our complex
-Made a classic Dad Tuesday surprise out of rice, mashed potatoes, green beans, garlic salt (aren't you so proud of me mom?) and cheese
-And tried to contact about ten people in a row while I rose the bus who all didn't speak English (or so they say)

Pretty typical.

So we had a ward activity on Friday, which is weekly planning day. So we went to e church to weekly plan (like we always do) so that it will be more peaceful and we'll be able to feel the Spirit more. But partway through the DJ for the activity (which was a 50's style sock hop girl's camp fundraiser) and started playing crazy 50's music! First none of it had words, but then he started playing the Beach Boys! Eventually we found he knob to turn thou me odd in the room that we were in, but it was pretty funny.

They had a hula hoop competition at the activity. One of the members asked us if we wrote going to participate and I said "we're going to dominate." Which we did. Sister Fjeldsted beat me, but we were the last two standing for quite awhile longer than anyone else lasted. When we went to sit down, the member just said "you weren't kidding when you said that you were going to dominate!" Oh no, missionaries don't kid around when it comes to hula hooping. It was pretty sweet.

The work here is going pretty well even though we are both brand new. Heavenly Father had definitely had His hand in our work here and has helped us to meet some really incredible people (a lot of them just yesterday!) It is so amazing. For example, the girl that we showed a video to on the wall: we were looking for a former investigator when we came across her in the apartment complex. We stopped and talked to her of course and she was willing to let us tell her a little bit about our message. So we went to the front of the complex and sat on this little wall thing. I think that we were both thinking that we would just teach a simple Restoration, but I felt like we should just show "Because of Him." So that's what we did. It was so cool, when the video was over she asked us if Christ really did die and rise again. We bore testimony that He did and that because He did, we can have eternal happiness. We went on to talk to her about how those message will help her and her family and she said "it already had helped me." It was so incredible. So we are going back on Tuesday to teach her whole family the Restoration!

I really do love being a missionary. It's not easy, but it is THE best job in the world.

I love and miss you all! I hope that you are all studying Preach My Gospel!

~Sister Kretchman

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