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Letter #40 (June 23, 2014)

So I meant to write about this last week because it was he day after
last P-Day, but I forgot, so here you go:

I have officially been out for half of my mission as of June 17. I'm
going downhill now and I don't like it! I just love being a missionary
so much and I wish that I could be a full time missionary forever! It
is THE best job ever. Sister Fjeldsted and I continue to see little
miracles every day and it is just so incredible.

I've decided that I love white washing. It's so fun! It's hard for
sure, we are building up from nothing, so we don't really have any
progressing investigators yet, but we do have a ton of new
investigators! And we keep running into people in such incredible
ways. This HAS to be Heavenly Father's work, not ours. There is no way
that so many little things would work together so perfectly doe us to
meet certain people if God wasn't orchestrating the whole thing. He
really does make sure that everything happens the way that it is
supposed to.

So I guess I'll start with Manny. I'm not sure if I've written about
Manny before or not, but he is so cool! Sister Fjeldsted and her last
companion (the one that I switched with who actually went home soon
after switching with me) met him at 7-11 when they stopped in to get
Aloe Vera. He saw their tags and said that he is looking for a new
church and would like to try theirs! So they gave him the info for
church, found him a ride, and he came! He came three Sundays in a row
and then we taught him the Restoration last Tuesday. He is just so
prepared. We told him a little bit about the Book of Mormon, telling
him that we would talk about it more next time (because we have a
whole lesson dedicated to the Book of Mormon) but he asked us if he
could have one right then! So he has one now, I don't know if he had
started to read it yet, but still! He just really, sincerely wants to
know if this is true or not. We invited him to be baptized when he
comes to know the truth of these things and he said yes! We're hoping
to set a date with him this week.

There were some other really cool things that happened this week too.
I'm going to copy and paste some of what Sister Fjeldsted wrote to

"This week was amazing! We were led by The Lord time and time again to
find people who are ready and in need of hearing about the gospel. We
went to contact a referral at the beginning of the week and they
weren't home but as we left we ran into a man who is in the Hacienda
Heights ward and is a convert of about a year. He's staying here for a
little while and going through a hard time. His wife just got in a car
accident so she's in the hospital. He stopped going to church for a
little while but told us he knows he needs to and wants to come back.
We got his phone number but it didn't work and forgot to ask which
apartment number was his. So we went back to remind him about church
before Sunday but we didn't have the apartment number so we said a
prayer and began to knock (mind you, there are hundreds of
apartments). No one answered the first one but we saw a girl outside a
few doors down and so we talked to her. She said she didn't know
Gilbert but we got talking to her and her and her family were baptized
a couple years ago and also stopped going to church for some time. She
and her older sister were just in town visiting their brother (and
they were all baptized) so we shared Because of Him with them and had
a really nice lesson. Then as we walked outside there was Gilbert! We
had so many amazing miracles this week."

So cool. We have seen a lot of cool things at that motel actually.

And then there's Tony (copy and pasted from MY email to President):

"Since the Temple City sisters live in our area, we get quite. Few
referrals from them. So last night we had a member drive us around to
contact three of them. One of me was Tony. His information said that
he is 18 and going into he Navy and that he said that missionaries can
stop by sometime. When we knocked, his dad answered the door and was
polite, but I think a little bit put off by three young women looking
for his young son. He said that he is sure that if Tony wanted to talk
to us that he would call, so we left. We then tried one more referral
and then the member went home and we walked a short way to a less
active/part member family (the mom is a member but the husband and
kids are not) that we have been trying to work with. We talked to the
mom inside for a minute and then she sent us outside to say hello to
her daughter and her boyfriend. So we get talking to the boyfriend,
Tony, and he tells us that he is going to be going into the Navy... It
was the same Tony whose house we had just been at 15 minutes before!
We are definitely taking that as a sign."

Seriously though. There have been so many little miracles and crazy
coincidences that are definitely NOT coincidences. This is the Lord's
work and He is making sure that we cross paths with people at just the
right time for them. It is so incredible and I am just so grateful to
be a missionary. I wish that I could be a full time missionary
forever, but I can't. (Plus I do want to get married and have kids
someday, I just love kids so much). I fully intend on keeping the
motto "every member a missionary" though when I get home. I sure hope
that you are all dpi all that you can to help our brothers and sisters
to come unto Christ.

I love and miss you all!

~Sister Kretchman

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